From The Head of Boarding: Week 5, Term 2, 2020

L-R Mrs Carmody, Mrs Webster & Mel

We love having this wonderful Boarding Community filled with life again. The girls have come back with a real sense of calm and happiness. They seem to have an even deeper appreciation for the opportunities they are being given by being a boarder.

National Boarding Week was celebrated this week, online mostly. Thank you to all who contributed to our online posts which showcased our Boarding Community. We had a celebratory dinner on Thursday night. And on Friday, all boarders wore a town top or College tracksuit top with Boarding or College tracksuit pants. We also had some staff who were past Santa Marie boarders also wear their town tops to work for the day, to show their pride in having been Santa boarders! #stayingconnected 

There are many COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions in place in Boarding, as determined by the Federal and State government, which allow for the re-opening of Boarding. Most of our boarders are adhering to the guidelines really well, and although don’t love them, are being supportive and understanding. There have been a few girls who have struggled with some protocols, including the 1.5m social distancing and not being permitted in each other’s bedrooms. I have been speaking to these girls in small groups, going over the guidelines and restrictions in detail as determined by the government.

Thank you to all Boarding parents for your support of the guidelines and procedures in place, and for talking through these with your daughters before they came back to Boarding and while they are back in Boarding. We are all in this together! 

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