From The Head of Boarding: Week 10, Term 3, 2020

The time has come to celebrate the time that our Year 12s have been in our Boarding community. No events are great enough to mark the lives and times of the Year 12s who have grown into wonderful young women of Mercy.


The Boarding staff were presented with some gifts from the Year 12 girls with a special note inside. 

‘To all Boarding staff we present to you these gifts as a small token of our thanks to you. Not gift could be great enough to express our thanks and appreciation to each of you. So here is out gift:

Wrapped in a washing bag to remind you of all the washing you have washed, how you have supported us and to remind us of during our time in boarding. It also represents each of us making a clean start for the next part of our life next year.

The bag contains a packet of Tim Tams to remind you of how sweet we have been in our best times.

Ear plugs which you may have needed when we arrived, not as we leave. And to give you some peace, which you deserve after caring for us so well, giving you all.

Bed socks to keep you warm and to give you soft footsteps as you wander through the house at night next year.

A baking tray to remind you of all the brownies we have cooked and all the times we came together with you in our rec rooms for suppers and breakfasts along with laughter and love.

Hand sanitiser to remind you of this crazy COVID year, and to keep you safe. We wish you nothing but health and happiness.

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