From The Head of Boarding: Week 6, Term 3, 2020


With the world still in a state of pandemic. In Boarding we are still adhering to government guidelines, which we are expected to follow, these include:

  • Hand sanitising as we enter and leave each house and the dining room
  • Carry our own small hand sanitiser container at all times
  • Adhering to the two square metre rule
  • Hand sanitising before training/games and then immediately showering and washing sport clothes on return to Boarding
  • Only boarders and Boarding staff permitted in each house. Parents are welcome to visit their daughters in house family rooms, outdoor areas and in the dining room
  • Practice social distancing where possible and practical
  • Boarders are to complete leave tracing form (for each period of leave) or are to have the COVID app on their phones


Congratulations to

Head Boarder                   
Sage Murphy

Deputy Head Boarder    
Indiana Squiers

We look forward to your great leadership in Term 4 this year and into 2021!


I visited Mingenew on Saturday 15 August for the Mingenew vs Carnamah football game and then dinner at the pub in Mingenew.

What a great weekend I had catching up with past, present and prospective boarders and their families. Thank you to Marika Yewers for your kind invitation to Mingenew and your generous hospitality.


I am looking forward to meeting with past, present and prospective boarders and their families as I travel from Kununurra to Karratha during the October holidays.

The gatherings during this time are for day and boarding students and families. Please click here to RSVP if you are joining me at one of the functions. Hope to see you there! 


A new initiative in 2020 is the beginnings of a Transition to Boarding program. The program is based on developing connections before each girl begins in Boarding. All confirmed enrolments for 2021 were sent a transition pack in the mail. This included a College planner to start using now, an invitation for a Sit in Day at the College, an invitation for a sleep over in Boarding and a transition journal.

We have had a great response with many girls having had their Sit in Day and sleep overs with more to come. The hospitality of our boarders, day girls, College & Boarding staff has been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. We look forward to getting to know our new 2021 boarders throughout the remainder of this year,

Steph Hicks, Year 8 2021, had her Sit in Day and Sleep Over at the beginning of August. On being picked up from Boarding she said she had had the best time ever and wanted to stay in Boarding.

Lily Boyd, Year 8 2021, had her sit in day with Hannah and Holly mid August and wants to start in Boarding now.

Anais Nicholls, Year 7 2021, also had her sit in day in early August. She loved meeting new girls and enjoyed all of the electives.

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