From The Head Of Boarding: Week 7, 2020

Our aim in Boarding is to provide an environment which is supportive, caring and safe for all.

With the College, we support our boarders in regard to academic care, which is provided by teachers, study tutors, Deans of Year and in Boarding, Vanessa Carmody, Assistant Head of Boarding.

We support each boarder in regards to their wellbeing with support and care being provided by teachers, Homeroom teachers, Deans of Year, Boarding Supervisors and myself, along with College nurses, Vanessa Carmody and Melissa Gillougley in Boarding. 

To add to the care we provide for our boarders, the College has invested in a CCTV system which is currently being installed in the Boarding surrounds.

  • It is an external system which will monitor the perimeter of the property, gates and walk ways
  • The system will not be monitored 24 hours a day but will be used to review footage should an incident occur
  • It will not monitor the internals of the boarding houses
  • Once in use, signage will be displayed around the area to advise of its use
  • Restrictive access and appropriate protocols will be in place for viewing the footage

We will continue to grow and develop the care and support we provide our boarders, so they are able to be the best version of themselves, in a safe and supportive environment.


The College and Boarding Communities are following Health Department and Government guidelines.

We do have a plan in place if we are to close the College. If the College closes we will be expecting all parents, or a guardian nominated by the parent will pick up their daughter from the College and Boarding as soon as possible. Boarding can remain open for one to two nights after the College closure, with boarders being in their room in their house, until they are picked up, with supervision and meals being provided during this time.

In the meantime, we are supporting your daughters to carry on life as normal, considering the current status.

All recreation activities external to our community have been cancelled. Last weekend and in the coming weekends, internal activities will be organised for the boarders to participate in, if they choose to. We will not be attending Mass for the remainder of this term but will be having a liturgy prayer service in each house during house meetings each week. The girls will also be having dinner in two sittings; one at 5.30 pm and the other at 5.50 pm with two houses at each sitting on a rotating basis. 

The Boarding staff will continue to encourage good hygiene with regular hand washing and will promote the carrying of personal hand sanitiser for regular use.

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