From The Head of Boarding: Week 7, Term 2, 2020

It is so good to have Boarding back to normal.

The boarders are working hard academically and being supported by the staff and programs implemented by Vanessa Carmody.

Lots of sport is available for boarders at school, in Boarding and with external clubs.

Boarding Supervisors are always working hard and caring greatly for the boarders in their care in their own individual ways. They each bring life and love to the community in their very own ways.

Recreation activities are still limited due to our COVID-19 restrictions, but we are doing what we can.

The girls are loving the slow pace and quiet on weekends, recuperating after busy weeks at school. A few boarders have presented with cold and flu like symptoms and have been collected from boarding to rest and recuperate with family or friends.


Sylvester House Boarding Supervisor, Karen MacDonald, organised an Easter Raffle. The Easter Raffle winners were:

  • Elouise Parsons
  • Evie Wedge
  • Meg Latham

$24.10 was raised for Project Compassion. This was a great effort given the small numbers we had in Boarding up to Easter.


All students received an email before the long weekend about their uniform. All students are asked to remember the following:

  • Skirt length: Do you need to take down your hem or do you need to consider purchasing a larger skirt? Your skirt should be knee-length
  • Blazer: The blazer is the outer garment of the winter uniform. You are required to wear your blazer to and from school every day in Terms 2 & 3
  • Stockings: These often rip and a spare pair in your locker is a simple solution (each House has spare stockings to give to boarders)
  • Personal presentation: Your hair is to be neatly tied back if it is longer than collar length with a red, green or white scrunchie/ribbon
  • Jewellery: Jewellery can include one simple ring, necklace with Christian symbol and one set of earrings worn in the bottom hole of your earlobe. These should be plain gold or silver and should not have gems or pearls for example
  • Make-up: No make-up is not to be worn

If students are unclear on the College uniform guidelines, they are to read page 9 of their planner. 

In addition, Year 12 Leavers jackets can be worn to school on a Wednesday for the remainder of this term.


All boarders are asked to participate in the Winter Appeal. Students are asked to purchase and/or collect items listed below. This is a time where we go out of our way for others who in great need this winter. The College thanks all for their support of the Winter Appeal.

Year 7: Canned Spaghetti, tuna and spam

Year 8: Warm men and women’s socks, women’s underwear

Year 9: 2-minute noodles, pasta sauces

Year 10: Coffee, tea and sugar

Year 11: Men and women’s razors and deodorant

Year 12: Canned fruit, stock powder, soup, soup mixes


We are still not able to attend Mass together each week. Each Sunday at 5.00 pm, when we would be at Mass together, each boarder will receive a pray focus via email.  They are encouraged to stop at this time to pray for the week ahead.


Late in Term 3, the College celebrates Mercy Day. On this day there is a wide variety of stalls and activities, which raise money for Mercy organisations. We will be hosting a Boarders stall and want it to be the standout stall of the day. What will you be able to donate to this year’s Mercy Day Boarders Stall?


We are collecting old pairs of jeans. Cathy Smith, Ursula House Mother, is going to create a mobile phone holder for the House out of pockets from old pairs of jeans and a patchwork rug from the rest of the jeans. If we get lots of jeans she will also make a mobile phone holder for each House. Your donations of old jeans will be gratefully accepted!

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