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From The Head of Boarding: Week 9, Term 1, 2021

Boarding Values

Our Boarding values are Trust, Respect and Kindness.

As a community we expect every member, boarders, staff and parents to live these values.

We build a strong community by caring for one another, creating a safe and supportive environment for all.

ANZAC Day Long Weekend

The ANZAC Day long weekend is the first weekend back after the April school holidays. We will have one house open if the need presents over the ANZAC day long weekend for those unable to go home or unable to stay with friends or family in or out of Perth.

The weekend begins on Friday 23 April at 3.20 pm and boarders return after on Monday 26 April at 2.00 pm. 


I wish to express gratitude to those in Boarding who are respectful and kind. Here are some acts of kindness witnessed this week.

  • Working as a cohesive group to bring harmony and peace back
  • Generosity in your actions and in your thoughts
  • Kind care by a Year 12 to a Year 7 on Friday – your actions made a huge difference
  • Being outstanding representatives of Santa Maria Boarding during rec activities
  • Bringing laughter and joy to those who need it 
  • To those boarders who give their best in study, are mindful of others, work independently and do not distract others
  • To those boarders who adhere to boarding expectations and as a result never have to worry about the consequences that might follow for not following our guidelines

Boarding Handbook

All boarders have been asked to read the section in the Boarding Handbook “What to bring and not to bring to Boarding!”

See pages 11-13 of the Boarding Handbook. 

TRACY WEBSTER | Head of Boarding

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