From The Principal – 11 August 2017

Dear Parents

I am delighted to announce the results from the student voting for the following Year 12 Leaders who commence in their roles in Term 4 of this year.

Claire Ryan
Head Girl

Eva Cocks
Deputy Head Girl

Kirsten Jenzen
Head Boarder

Roisin Walsh
Deputy Head Boarder

There are a further twenty five Year 12 Leadership positions that will be voted on and announced at the end of the month. We are truly blessed with outstanding applicants who have nominated for all positions.Last weekend, Alice in Wonderland was performed by our Years  7 – 9 students under the direction of staff member Jamie Rooke. While Jamie and other Performing Arts staff members put a huge amount of effort into the final product, their empowerment of the girls mentioned below, was incredible and is part of our philosophy of student-centred learning experiences. The production was simply superb and everyone involved needs the highest praise. There were several aspects that need mentioning and they were:

  • The play involved 39 performers on stage:

Alice – Sophie Kelly
White Rabbit – Stella Hammond
Queen of Hearts – Kate Naunton-Morgan
King of Hearts – Shriya  Neelankavil
Frog Footman – Lana Salvucci
Fish Footman – Chantel Hu
Mouse – Clare Perrott
Caterpillar – Ella Jones
Duchess – Luciana Handcock
Cook – Ruby Minervini
Cheshire Cat – Caitlin Milne
Mad Hatter – Alexia Jurkowski
Dormouse – Sophie Young
March Hare – Claire Chitty
2 of Spades – Sarena Santoro
5 of Spades – Charlotte Westlake
7 of Spades – Aliya Carle
Executioner – Ava Murphy
Knave of Hearts – Lucy Kilroe
Gryphon – Josephine McKenzie
Humpty Dumpty – Tahlia Menner
Mock Turtle – Ciara Sadler
Tweedle Dee – Olivia Gilkison
Tweedle Dum – Emily Berson
White Queen – Cosima Biagioni
Red Queen – Amy Roche

  • The behind the scenes operation involved a further 9 Stage Crew:

Hayley Medin
Giorgia Paltridge
Harriett Comerford-Smith
Charlie Regan
Georgia Law
Dilara Wijesinghe
Kleonora Manios
Natalie Loach
Sienna Dujmovic

  • The girls listed above from Years 7 – 9 were assisted by senior students under the direction of Performing Arts Captain, Sophie Maines. Having senior students taking on the roles of Stage Managers , Lighting, Visual effects and Makeup added something special to the Production:

Stage Managers – Alex White & Mikayla Fanto
Sound Operator – Nicki Xanthis
Lighting Operator – Simone Shandley-Jones
Vision – Ava Pike
Follow Spot Operator – Skyla Pengilly

  • Putting on a special performance for all Year 5 & 6 students was an innovation that will be continued. Many of these younger girls will be inspired to select Performing Arts as an elective and Course as they continue their journey through to Year 12.

On our website is an excellent short video that captures most of what I have said above.

Another article that you may be interested in on our website is “What does it mean to be educated?” where I put forward my thoughts to this important question.

Best wishes and God bless

Ian Elder | Principal

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