From the Principal 16 March 2018

Today over 250 dads or their proxy, joined our girls for the Father Daughter Walk to School and Breakfast. This initiative of the Men of Santa (or MOZZIES as they are fondly known), was a great way for dads to enjoy time with their daughters, and to meet other dads in the College community. Many thanks go to Wim Smithies and his fantastic team of helpers for making this event such a success.

Dads are incredibly important in their daughter’s education because:

  • Dads can give their daughters the confidence to use their talents to go far in life. Their approval, praise and support is critical to their daughter’s success and will empower her to believe she can do anything.
  • Dads can teach their daughter about being brave and showing persistence, helping her to embrace and persevere with challenges.
  • Dads can show their daughter that mistakes are part of life, that as parents we are not perfect, that we learn from our mistakes and have another go.

In speaking to our Year 12 leaders this week, what they most wanted from their dads was not material things, it was time. Time with their dad. So being present and being a good listener is often one of the greatest gifts dads can give their daughters.

Research shows that daughters who have dads, or other significant males, who are engaged in their daughter’s learning are much more likely to be successful in school and in life.

Thank you to all our dads who play an incredible role in the lives of our girls and our College community.

Jennifer Oaten, Principal

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