From the Principal – 2 March 2018

Launch of our Strategic Plan

I am very pleased to launch the Santa Maria College Strategic Plan 2018-2020 with our Community today. The aim of our Strategic Plan is to outline what we want to achieve in the next three years. The plan does not represent the totality of work at the College but focuses on the new directions that are planned.

Consultation was sought from within our community from the following groups

  • Staff
  • Deans of Students
  • Parents
  • Boarding Parents
  • 2018 Student Leaders
  • Students

The Strategic Plan has six components as listed in the table below and one focus area from each component has been selected as a priority for 2018. The process involved seeking input, collating data, prioritising and determining actions and measures of success. Our Strategic Plan will guide our ongoing improvement of what we offer our students, staff and parents.

Click here see the Strategic Plan Overview

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