From the Principal – Mother’s Day

Today we celebrated Mother’s Day with a very special Mass for the Year 7 students and their mothers. The Mass was a way for the girls to spend some quiet reflective time with their mothers in prayer.

Our mothers are such an important part of our lives and who we are, as are our grandmothers, our aunties and all those special women in our lives because:

  • We all need love, and our mothers love us unconditionally and are always forgiving.
  • They share with us their faith and their values.
  • They are a rock of strength and haven of protection when we need comforting.
  • They help to mould our minds when they share with us their wisdom and are role models who help us reach our potential.
  • Their boundaries make us better people. We may not have liked some of their decisions but they are always made with the best of intentions.
  • They nurture our bodies and heal our spirits.

Our mothers work hard and make many sacrifices for us so on Mother’s Day let us appreciate and thank our mothers and other special women in our lives. Tell them how important they are to us, and how much we appreciate them. Time spent with your mum on Mother’s Day and every day, acknowledges her value in your life. This is far more important than gifts.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers and the special women in our College Community.

Jennifer Oaten, Principal

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