From the Principal – Parent Engagement

During the year one of the many tasks undertaken by the Community Relations Department has been Parent Engagement. The staff committee that has been working on this project is made up of: Linda Stade, Margo Bastow, Jane Carmignani, Tracy Webster, Jocelyn Hansen and Paul Morris.

The topic of Parent Engagement as opposed to Parent Involvement is an important one for all schools. Parents are the primary educators and we must never forget this. Yes, the school plays an important part in your daughter’s education but values and attitudes are formed at home. When the home environment and school environment are complimentary, learning is enhanced.

This week’s blog is about the need for parents to engage in their children’s learning and the impact that can have. Engagement is not a one-way process and the blog outlines the important understandings the school and staff need to have to be effective in this process.

If you have not read the Parent Engagement Blog click here

Ian Elder | Principal

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