Semester 1 Comes To An End – Jennifer Oaten Principal

With the conclusion of Term 2, we have reached the halfway mark of the 2019 academic year!

I am sure our boarding girls will be looking forward to spending time in their home towns with family and friends. I hope the rain has reached all our farming families and we pray that the rain continues.

Reports will be issued today and I encourage all parents to discuss not only results but most importantly, the indicators of your daughter’s attitude and effort, participation, completion of work and organisation, all which are key to being a successful learner. Conversations which focus on personal achievement, what went well and what can be done differently next time are most beneficial.

The holidays should be a time of rest and relaxation for all staff and students, so I encourage you to refrain from emailing the College until a few days before school starts to ensure our dedicated staff have a chance to disconnect from emails and recharge ready for Semester 2. I hope the students will enjoy sleeping in, being schedule free, connecting with friends and also spending time away from technology.

I hope all families enjoy the holidays and travel safely. God Bless.

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