This year the College has had a focus on Connecting Learning to Life. As part of this focus, we have developed an Enhanced Learning Task for the Year 10 cohort to add to their current curriculum.

Future10 is designed to equip the girls with skills they will need for the future. It addresses a number of attributes we want our girls to develop. In particular, the girls will complete sessions that provide them with some financial literacy skills.

External presenters will discuss with the girls a range of financial concepts including:

  • Smart spending, which looks at concepts such as the emotional motives behind financial decisions
  • Influences on spending
  • Strategies for smart spending, examining the value of potential purchases
  • Refund and return policies

A Financial Planner will present the girls with other financial concepts surrounding credit, risk and return, and budgeting. They will also hear from an inspirational young man, Kai Lovel, about finding your purpose and the success he has had through developing his own business at a young age.

In addition to financial literacy, Future10 will address aspects of wellbeing and mental health. This will take the form of workshops run by the organisation Helping Minds. The goal is to provide the students with the knowledge and tools to help manage mental health challenges; in themselves or those close to them. Added to this will be some physical activity sessions, including some drumming and body konga…a favourite activity for the Year 10 girls.

The Year 10s will also have some time to reflect on their year and the habits they have formed and practiced throughout the year. A further session will allow them time to meet with, and question, girls currently in Year 11. The aim is to gain some wisdom on how to tackle the year ahead and the challenges and highlights of being a Year 11 student at Santa Maria College.

Dean of Year 10, Marsha Pengilly, says, “Future10 is an ideal finish to the Mercy Wellbeing Program the Year 10s have undertaken during the year. We have looked at the habits they need to be effective, examined career pathways and choices and worked to improve study and organisational skills.

“I am very excited about this program for the Year 10 girls. I feel they will gain a great deal from participating in all of the useful sessions, as they look to their future in Year 11 and 12 and beyond school.”

Future10 will start in Week 8 on Wednesday 4 December.

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