Girls4Girls Day – Building a Wall of Support

We sometimes take our education for granted, but at the recent Girls4Girls Day Assembly, students were reminded that they need to treasure their education, and work together to ensure all girls are given educational opportunities.

As we celebrate Girls4Girls Day today, we reflect on what we hope for girls throughout the world?

At the end of last term, each Homeroom was asked to decorate a box, signifying a brick in a wall. These bricks display a hope our students hold for girls who don’t have the same opportunities as they do. The bricks express things that girls all around the world need to achieve their best.

A representative from each Homeroom was invited to bring their brick to the stage during the assembly, where the Year 5 leaders built a word tower signifying our collective hopes for girls less fortunate than ourselves. Some of the hopes we have for girls include: justice, kindness, curiosity, bravery, strength, vision, tenacity, zest, optimism, generosity of spirit, flexibility, excellence, adaptability, dynamism, endurance, empowerment, conviction, backbone, grit, perseverance, enthusiasm, passion, daring, inspiration, originality.

This amazing installation represents words of encouragement and hope and is quite a spectacle in its construction.  It is currently displayed in the plaza for our girls to reflect on as they go by.

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