Geography: Putting Theory Into Practice

Our Year 10 Geography field trip was a huge success, allowing our students to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. The trip focused on coastal environments, which tied in perfectly with our syllabus on environmental change and management. Many of our students have a personal connection to the coast, which made the experience even more meaningful.

During the field trip, our students visited four key locations on the Perth coast: Hillarys Marina, Scarborough Beach, Cottesloe Beach, and Port Beach. At each location, they observed natural coastal processes and features and the significant impact of human activity on these environments. Our students also learned about management strategies designed to promote the sustainability of these coastal areas.

Leading up to the field trip, our students were already familiar with concepts such as naturally occurring coastal processes and the impact of human interaction on coastal landscapes. The field trip complemented and extended their prior learning, allowing them to deepen their understanding of these topics.

Following the trip, students debriefed and reflected on their field work and completed a validation task to apply their understanding of the coastal management strategies they observed. It was incredibly rewarding to see our students make connections between their classroom learning and what they observed in the field.

Here’s what Harriet and Laila had to say about the field trip.

The Geography field trip has given me a better understanding of our coast and the environmental, social, and economic factors that affect it. Highlights from each coastal environment we visited included discovering the Hillary’s boardwalk, watching a skater in the Scarborough skate park accompanied by surprise icy poles, and all the amazing views found on Cottesloe and Port Beaches. Overall, the excursion proved useful in knowing what a beautiful place we are fortunate to live in. Harriet Noske 

 I really enjoyed the field trip because it was very interesting to learn how our coast can change so quickly and understand how important it is to protect our beaches and surroundings. I enjoyed sketching Hillary’s coastline and getting a new perspective of the area from the tower lookout. It also made me very excited learning about all the new infrastructure and plans for the future of the Western Australian coastline. Laila Richardson 

Overall, the field trip was a fantastic experience for our students. Through experiences like this, we can truly appreciate the complexities of our natural and built environments, and work towards more sustainable practices for future generations.

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