Georgie Cleaver: Dual Sports Champion

Georgie Cleaver is a name to watch out for in the sporting arena. She’s not just talented at one sport, she recently made the state squad for two very different sports, netball and AFLW.

Students at National Netball Championships

Georgie recently returned from the National Netball Championships in Tasmania as part of the Western Australian U17 team. Also selected was Maya Kenny (Year 11). The girls had a great competition finishing in 5th place. Past students, Cleo Kenny, Indiana Squiers (Class of 2021) and Sophie Eastaugh (Class of 2020) were in the U19s team and finished 4th.

From that carnival Georgie and Sophie were selected into the Australian squad and will be spending time at the Australian Institute of Sport in July for a training camp.

L to R: Cleo Kenny, Geogie Cleaver, Sophie Eastaugh, Maya Kenny (Indiana Squiers absent)

Georgie selected for AFLW Australian Academy

Prior to Tasmania, Georgie was in South Australia to participate in the AFL National Carnival as part of the Western Australian State 18s AFLW team. She was unable to participate in all of the games due to travelling to Tasmania for the netball championships. However, she was selected in the AFLW Australian Academy. Her first game as part of this team is this weekend in Melbourne, with another to follow in a few weeks’ time. Georgie is the second youngest in Australia to make this team. She still plays league football with East Fremantle and last weekend flew to Northampton to play a game up there. 

We chatted with Georgie about being a dual sportsperson.

Which strengths do you believe have made you a good sportsperson? 

My main strengths that have supported me to become a good sportsperson would definitely be motivation, confidence and commitment.

Which sport is your favourite and why? 

I can honestly not answer this question. I get asked it a lot, but I have never been able to answer it. They are both so different and give me different escapes from life, and then there are also mental and physical skills that cross over and benefit me in both sports.

Is there an athlete you look up to as a role model and why? 

Definitely Ash Brazil, Monique Conti and Sharni Layton as they have all been dual sport athletes in their careers and hold very strong values around balance and are role models both on and off the field.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of sport? 

My two big hobbies would be 4WD and surfing. I try to do these in my spare time, usually during the holidays or free weekends.

How do you balance your sporting life with schoolwork and other commitments?

It gets pretty tough, especially in the peak of the seasons. I ensure I have a good support system around me, usually consisting of my family, friends, and coaches. I consistently rely on my goals and make sure I have purpose every day and, in my training, to ensure I’m organised and on the right track.

Where would you like to see yourself in five years’ time?  

In five years’ time, I would like to see myself on an AFLW team list and hopefully be the first team in WA to win a premiership. I also hope to make the Diamonds team for the Commonwealth Games, and by then hopefully, netball is included in the Olympics. 

What is one important lesson you’ve learned from your time playing sport? 

Self-discipline and mental toughness. Being able to be strong in body and mind and adapting to new environments to get me over failure.

Where did you get your sporting abilities?

I definitely got my sporting abilities and love for sport from my parents. My Mum grew up in remote country towns and played footy in Wyndham. There was a lack of opportunities in the country towns, so she didn’t play netball until she moved down to Perth and played at association level. My Dad played footy at West Perth in the WAFL, and hopefully, my brother gets drafted to an AFL club this year!

Thank you for sharing your story with us Georgie. We can all learn something from your determination and commitment.

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