Get Up Stand Up!

In Year 6 our ‘GET UP STAND UP’ project is all about our ‘Powers of Persuasion’ and ties in with our Eco Warriors topic. The project connects learning to life through applying skills to a real context, as eco warriors, the students explore taking action locally but thinking globally. 

In English, the girls were learning all about the layout and language features of a persuasive argument. With that in mind they were given these prompts to get them thinking and help them decide on a possible topic and target audience:

  • If you could take action towards a more sustainable environment for all living things, what would you do? 
  • If you could change someone’s mind about an environmental/sustainable topic, what would you say?
  • Words are powerful and YOU have a voice, so use it!

Task requirements

Using the ‘Powers of Persuasion’, the girls were required to write a persuasive essay on an ‘eco’ topic they wanted to see change, applying layout and language features learned. The girls were also required to present a two to three-minute speech to their peers about their topic, using an appropriate prop.

  Elin Immoos from 6.9 chose the topic of growing your own food. “I chose this topic because it is a sustainable option for producing your own food. You don’t need to use plastic wrapping and you travel less to the shops. It helps lessen plastic and food wastage which is good for the environment.” 

Willow Marshall from 6.8 shares some of the interesting information she learned during this project.

“When I was researching my chosen topic, Waste-Free Wednesdays, I was surprised to discover that the impact of plastic food packaging on our health and the environment is significant. Chemicals inside the plastic packaging can leak out into the food and beverages we eat and drink. This has made me quite concerned about the packaged food waste in my lunchbox and the health and wellbeing of all generations of Santa Maria girls. 

“Plastic is everywhere and it won’t be disappearing anytime soon. Therefore, I am setting myself a goal to help all living things affected by plastic. Let’s start packing a waste-free lunchbox every Wednesday. Together, each girl can make a difference and participate in Waste-Free Wednesdays and help fix this urgent waste crisis at Santa Maria.”

After completing this project, Charlotte McKoy from 6.10 said using her new skills of persuasion, she really wants to persuade more people to use metal or reusable straws instead of plastic ones. This will make a very big impact on the world because there will be a lot less pollution in our oceans, also a lot fewer animals will swallow this rubbish; therefore, they won’t be dying as a result.

Katy Prior from 6.6 enjoyed learning interesting facts during the project. “I learned about marine life and how plastic pollution affects them and being able to speak up for problems around the world.”, she said. “Some skills I have improved on while writing my speech are being able to do rhetorical questions. When I presented my speech, I felt nervous but after I did Get Up, Stand Up I didn’t feel so nervous anymore.”

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