Getting a Taste of the Health Industry

Measuring blood pressure or a pulse rate is not something many of us would have done at school. But for some of our current Year 10 students, that’s exactly what they were doing at the ‘Try A Profession Day’ in allied health at DNA Kingston this week.

“We learnt how to measure blood pressure, pulse rate and oxygen saturation and how to correctly wash our hands and use hand sanitiser. We also learnt about how and why to use personal protective equipment (PPE). We had a chance to try our new skills by ‘donning’ (putting on) and ‘doffing’ (taking off) the PPE. We finished the day by practising making a bed in the context of an aged care facility.

“It was valuable to learn about the different pathways that would be available after completing a Certificate in Allied Health. It was a great opportunity for us to learn about some of the content and practical based activities we will experience at TAFE next year.”

Jamie-Lee Lawton & Danielle Rodio, Year 10

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