Getting Ready for the Workplace

Last week, Year 11 ACCESS students attended a number of Getting Work Ready workshops, to help prepare them for their first work placements. The workshops included:

  • You Are What You Eat, which focussed on lunchbox options, hot topics in the lunchroom and appropriate conversations.
  • Put Your Best Face Forward focussed on how to apply makeup for the workplace
  • Wear For Success focussed on dressing in an appropriate manner for your workplace. The girls were also shown what stylish and professional hair looks like.
  • Finally, a panel of past ACCESS students shared their experiences and wisdom.

The girls really enjoyed the workshops and agreed that it was very helpful in preparing them for their first work placements.

Tayah Medlen said “The You are what you eat’ workshop was amazing. It gave me a good understanding of what is expected in the workplace, and how important it is to have a healthy and nutritious breakfast and lunch while at work. It showed us the level of organisation that is needed to come up with creative lunch ideas. It’s also necessary to keep up with current news to engage in conversation around the lunch table – a very informative and worthwhile session.”

Taylah is doing her first placement at Manning Primary School. Her goal is to be a sports teacher. She has a work history at home on the farm working for her dad and Lake Grace District Hospital where she did her Community Service.

Sheridan Rafols said “I had a really great time at the workshops. Felicity showed us a lot of great ways to take a healthy lunch to work every day. She showed us how to create really cool salads in a jar, which were a quick and an easy way to get organised in the morning, as we race out the door. I think Felicity’s advice will be quite helpful when I go on my work placement.”

Sheridan loves the ACCESS program, as it’s a pathway that’s fun, practical and interesting. She is really looking forward to putting into practice what she has learnt at these workshops. Sheridan is doing her work placement at Marine Education Boat Shed in Fremantle, as she loves outdoor-based activities.

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