Girls Chosen For State Swim Team

L to R: Bianca, Alyssa and Helen

Congratulations to Helen Smith (Year 8), Bianca Monaco, and Alyssa Monaco (Year 9). The girls recently gained a state team qualifying time at the State Short Course Championships, which gave them selection to the State Swim Team. The Team was due to travel to Canberra but will now be competing at an internal swimming competition Duel in the Pool.

Bianca and Alyssa swim for Westside Christchurch Aquatic and have been swimming competitively since they were 10 years old. Both girls love training. Bianca said “I love swimming and being able to see my swimming friends every day.” Alyssa said “I like working hard at training and seeing my results come through after race meets. Helen swims for the South Shore Swimming Club and has been swimming competitively for five years. Helen said, “My favourite aspect of swimming is the sense of community and comradery that it brings to my life. A swimmer who inspires me every day is American Katie Ledecky.”

Duel in the Pool will see athletes compete in a team-based competition with the focus placed on accumulating points. The event will be held at Christchurch Grammar with teams staying, training, and competing together on site.

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