Girls Escape Through Knowledge

Year 8 Humanities and Social Science (HASS) students have been revising their year’s work, and what better way to do it than with an Escape Room activity.

Students Keisha Henderson, Milla Cattalini and Amelia Baguley write about the activity below.

The geography themed escape room we completed yesterday in HASS was a fun, challenging and informative experience for our class. We had fun competing in teams with the goal of being faster than the other teams and ultimately coming first. We had to work together to solve different geography puzzles to escape. Each of the levels of the escape room challenged us in different ways. Some required general knowledge whereas others required critical thinking and creativity.

The games were a contrast to our usual lessons as they were very hands-on, and teamwork based. To be successful we had to work well together and listen to each other’s ideas. This approach was especially beneficial in the last level as it was a puzzle. To solve the puzzle, we had to use our imagination to come up with different solutions and ways to fit the pieces together.

In the end, we were the first ones to complete the whole of the escape room. We thought the Escape Room was a great way to revise some of what we have learned in HASS this year.

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