Girls find Balance with Yoga

Recently 40 girls in Years 7 and 8 completed the co-curricular Balance Program. This program presents information on a number of different topics around wellbeing. It was lovely to see the students engage in each of the sessions to discuss and explore the topics presented. The girls enjoyed mixing with students in other Year groups and building relationships with each other.

In the last week of the program, we were led in a yoga session by Head of Physical Education, Anita Skelton. Anita explained the purpose of yoga and how many of the different poses can be used to help them relax and de-stress.

The students have gained some useful skills through these sessions and are to be congratulated for their participation each week.

Below, Year 8 student, Zoe Bolden, shares her thoughts on the program.

During the Balance Program this year, we did five sessions focusing on different objectives. In each of these sessions, we met new people and focused on things like meditation, nutrition and exercise. We also all learnt techniques for coping with stress and getting out of unhealthy friendships. To help us learn new things we were put into groups and did activities like creating posters and role-playing. In the final session we all attempted a yoga session to relax, it was fun and we all had quite a laugh. The Balance Program was very good. The Year 7 and 8s all got to get to know each other and the program has helped many of us grow as people.  Zoe Bolden

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