Girls only STEAM Challenge

2017 STEAM Team

Zima-Jade Henderson
Georgie Cleaver
Chloe Thong
Bridget Cranley
Jasmine Leighton
June Hwang
Athena Dang
Lyla Fievez

Jessica Beazley | IGNITE Co-ordinatorOn Tuesday 24 July, I went to the Steaming Ahead Competition. The activities we did were Engineering, Forensic Chemistry, making a Rube Goldberg machine, Robotics and Maths on the run. My personal favourite activity was robotics, because even though we didn’t know how to use the particular robot, we got the hang of it really quickly. I also liked it because we had to try and program the robot to draw 3D nets which we then turned into a baby mobile. It was a very enjoyable day and it was fun doing all the activities.

Zima-Jade Henderson (Year 6, Frayne)

I loved the STEAMing Ahead Challenge so much. The easiest was the Rube Goldberg, even though it was very challenging. The hardest one to do was the coding but it was still fun. Thank you for choosing me for the STEAM challenge. 

June Hwang (Year 5, Byrne)

I was very excited after I was chosen for the steam team. I was looking forward to the day when we got to compete against other schools and the training sessions. Some of the training sessions were quite challenging since the topic was quite new to me, like engineering and the chemistry, but I got it in the end and I had a wonderful day at St Mary’s. 

Chloe Thong (Year 6, Kelly)

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