Girls Shine at IGSSA Dance Festival

The IGSSA Dance Festival was an amazing evening showcasing the dance talent across all of the IGSSA schools. It was very interesting to see the different styles of dance the schools were exploring.

Santa Maria College presented contemporary dances with students from Years 7 – 12 participating. The junior dance – I Feel Better was high energy and lots of fun. The senior dance – Warrior Women was a very strong contemporary performance which was very interesting to watch due to the fabulous and creative choreography.

The girls all did an amazing job. The costumes were fantastic, colourful and very much reflected the dances being performed. This is always an event that I look forward to in the IGSSA calendar and I was very proud to see all the talented Santa Maria dancers on the night.

Junior IGSSA Dance Troupe performed ‘I Feel Better’

Sometimes we find we get caught up with things that make us feel down in the dumps and flat. The Santa Maria Junior Dance Troupe find the best way to shake off the blues is through dance. I Feel Better is an upbeat, colourful piece about letting go and feeling good!Senior IGSSA Dance Troupe performed ‘Warrior Women’

As young women, we can sometimes feel trapped or that people are trying to put us in our place because of our age or gender, but this just makes us want to work harder. Our resilient, independent women challenge this notion as they stand strong and deliver. The Senior Santa Maria Dance Troupe unleash their inner warrior.

The IGSSA dance festival held at St Hilda’s Performing Arts Centre is the final performance for the Year 12 dancers and it was an extremely enjoyable experience. The process of rehearsing for and performing at the IGSSA Dance Festival is something that as Year 12 students we will miss very much next year, it has always been a highlight of the school year. Although we are saddened that it has come to an end, we are all very happy and proud of our performances. Over the years we have had the opportunity to work alongside choreographer Bernie Bernard in extending our performance and choreography skills. We will forever be grateful for this experience.
Niamh Clifford
Alex White and Bronte Brandis, Year 12

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