Give Thanks

The Importance of Being Grateful

Between our breakfast table and the bed we sleep in every night, we often take what we have for granted. In the book of Exodus (6:2-9), God teaches us about being grateful and to appreciate what is done for us, because God’s mercies and blessings are given repeatedly, freely and generously. It is important to give thanks because there is so much goodness around us.

Every Storm Has A Rainbow

Being grateful is an important perspective that allows us to appreciate how blessed we are. Sometimes we may collapse into the trap of fixing our thoughts on what we don’t have, instead of recognising God’s goodness in our lives. We may choose instead to reel in our misfortune, wrapped in self-pity and despair. This stance scarcely makes us feel better or improves our circumstances. Rather, a shift in outlook is necessary. It is better to count our blessings, and trust completely in our God who will sustain us through our troubles. Have we forgotten that every storm brings a rainbow, and every challenge holds a silver lini

Challenges Are Occasions for Growth

Challenges and obstacles provide occasions for creativity and personal growth. By channelling our drive and time into developing our resourcefulness, in place of musing over our misfortunes, we realign ourselves from a place of misery to one of gratitude and transformation. Our greatest growth often comes after testing circumstances. Acquiring new skills and developing new ways of thinking are just some of the benefits of looking at the ‘glass-half-full’.

God Is Always Good

Scripture tells us to be “thankful in everything, in all circumstances” (1 Thessalonians 5:18). So, when we discover ourselves overcome with burdens and worried about tomorrow, let us first thank God for all He has done for us and praise Him for His promise to never leave us. We have been blessed with many gifts. Let us name them and be thankful, for God is always good.

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