Santa Maria College Global Science Students Visit Scitech

Year 10 Global Science students visited SciTech last week, where they were fully involved in a range of activities linked to the Science curriculum.

They girls enjoyed a range of activities, including a tour of our solar system in the planetarium. They learnt about the new and innovative systems being developed at NASA to help us explore the Universe. The girls enjoyed a hands-on engineering challenge using sticks, sticky tape, plastic bags and brain power, in order to design and make a flying device that would stay up in the air for the longest, even the staff had fun trying to figure out the best design.

After this, students took part in a Forensic Science challenge where they needed to solve who had stolen an Egyptian vase from a museum. Here, they were taught how to analyse fingerprints, fibre and soil samples, handwriting, tyre prints, paint and glass fragments, as well as learning about other techniques used to solve crimes. These activities will form a major component of their course this term.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are now more aware of how Science fits in with the everyday life.

Ailsa Harris, Head of Science

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