Going to AQWA

"It was really beneficial to actually see the animals and what their natural habitat would be, instead of just looking at photos and researching about them online." 

Our Year 9 Marine Biology students experienced a hands-on opportunity at  AQWA recently as an introduction to their new elective. We asked the girls about the excursion and some of the key things they learnt. Here’s what they had to say.

Going to AQWA was a great experience and a great way to introduce us to our new elective Marine Biology. We had the opportunity to observe the different species of sea creatures in Western Australia face to face. This has inspired me to continue loving the subject. The excursion was very informative and I was able to learn about the marine animals more interactively. I loved going there and would encourage you to also go if you get a chance. Zima-Jade Henderson

“Bringing our phones with us was a great experience because I got to take photos and share them with my family and friends which made them inspired to go and see more marine life.” Grace Foster

I really enjoyed the AQWA excursion because I learned so much and I could see the animals up close. It was a fun way to learn. Kate Creasy 

I enjoyed sitting in the quiet zone downstairs, which had the music and dimmed lights, as I watched the fish swim around amongst the coral. I found this very relaxing and calming, and I was able to find all the different fish in the tank. Rebecca Barker

Something that fascinated me was that pufferfish are actually the most poisonous fish although if cooked correctly they can be eaten. Pufferfish are a delicacy in Japan. Maeve Lehane

Something that I learnt when we went on the excursion was how to tell the difference between a male and a female shark. I also found out that the world’s oceans cover 71% of the planet. Georgia Blackshaw

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