Golf Competition Swings to New Heights

L to R: Olivia, Stephanie, Sofia, Layla, Ava

Golf may not be a common sport among schools, particularly for girls, but the IGSSA Golf competition is making impressive strides. This year’s event, held last Friday, saw such a significant increase in participation that it had to be played across two courses.

The Ambrose event, designed specifically for our novice golfers, took place on the Par 3 course at Lake Claremont. Players were paired with staff from IGSSA schools, who supported their development by guiding them through golf etiquette and the basics of play. Special thanks to Olivia Gamble and Emma Wood for their invaluable assistance in nurturing a love for the game among all participants.

Our more experienced players, those with handicaps, tackled the 18-hole course at Cottesloe Golf Club. We must thank the Cottesloe Golf Club for their incredible support and enthusiasm, which made our students feel very welcome. Both sets of players enjoyed a joint lunch at the club during the presentations.

L to R: Amelia, Olivia Gamble, Mila

Congratulations to our talented students:

  • Ambrose Competition: Mila (Year 7) and Amelia (Year 8).
  • 18-Hole Event: Layla (Year 10), Ava (Year 12), Olivia (Year 9), Sofia (Year 9), and Stephanie (Year 9), with several playing their first 18-hole game.

A special mention to Stephanie for placing third in the Stroke competition, a well-deserved achievement reflecting her hard work and dedication.

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