Goodbye and Good Luck Class of 2020 – Jennifer Oaten

It is hard to believe that just 14 short years ago, our Year 12s entered their first classroom. Fast forward and here they are walking out the gates of Santa Maria College for the last time as a student. I am sure our foundation Sisters of Mercy were looking down on them last night and were delighted to see they have made a difference.

Their graduation is a remarkable accomplishment, and in time they will look back and reflect on the friends they made, the experiences they shared, the challenges they faced, and the successes they achieved. 

In a year that has been difficult, our Year 12 girls have repeatedly proven how capable, how adaptable and how compassionate they are. We are very proud of what each of them has achieved in this COVID year.

The success we celebrated last night was conditioned by the amount of risk each of the girls was willing to take.  Whether it was through taking on a leadership role, learning an instrument, public speaking for the first time, or completing Work Place Learning. Perhaps it was in the Chemistry classroom, on the stage or the sporting field, at a service activity, or becoming a Special Minister… they stepped out of their comfort zone.

To those girls who are funny, those who always lend a hand, and those who are great friends, you have made our school a welcoming community. Those who have been inclusive of others and see the value in the diverse talents of each girl, you have been great women of Mercy.

I am truly confident that each of our Year 12 girls will make a difference in our world and find their true calling in life. There are so many possibilities.

I am very proud of our Year 12s, every one of them is a success story.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020.

Award Winners can be seen HERE

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