Grace & Emily Excel at Performing Arts Perspectives

Grace McCormack (left) and Emily Barker (right), at Performing Arts Perspectives.

Congratulations to Grace McCormack and Emily Barker (2021) ATAR Dance graduates, who were chosen to perform at Performing Arts Perspectives at the Perth Concert Hall.

The Performing Arts Perspectives is an important educational event on the annual calendar of Years 11 and 12 Performing Arts students.

The event provides benchmarks of excellence in Dance, Drama and Music for students and teachers from the Public, Independent and Catholic education sector.

The assortment of performers for inclusion in the programme are carefully made to reflect both the most skilful performances and the breadth of work covered in each subject discipline.

The highest scoring WACE students are invited to audition and from these, performers are chosen to reflect the range and scope of creativity by a panel made up of representatives from the relevant professional arts area and education sector.

The 2021 ATAR Dance graduates performed exceptionally well in their practical exams and five of the eight students were invited to audition for Performing Arts Perspectives.

Grace and Emily performed last Monday night to a very appreciative audience. Our current Year 12 Dance and Drama students attended the event and felt inspired and motivated by the high-quality student work performed.

Current Year 12 ATAR Dance students, who attended to show their support for Grace and Emily!

We had a chat with both Grace and Emily about their experience. Here is what they had to say: 

After watching the 2021 performing arts perspectives show in March 2021, I was so inspired to do my very best in Dance ATAR. Dancing is something I love, so to be selected to participate in the Performing Arts Perspectives show for 2022 was so exciting. It allowed me to meet other talented dancers across WA and keep performing on stage! I was fortunate to perform my OSC (Original Solo Composition) and the set solo dance piece, and watched these routines come to the stage with lighting and costuming. It was so exhilarating performing on stage and I am so grateful for the experience, and I could not recommend the show enough to any performing arts students! Grace McCormack

Grace McCormack, on the set of a professional photoshoot for Performing Arts Perspectives.

Just being invited to audition is an amazing achievement, so being told I was successful and had been selected to perform was so exciting! The process of working with the highest achieving dancers from other schools was inspiring and we all bonded so well. The performance filled me with accomplishment and the overall experience is one that I am so grateful for, and of course, wouldn’t be possible without the guidance and mentorship of our amazing ATAR Dance teacher Jessica Wynn. Emily Barker

Congratulations Grace and Emily! You are an incredible source of inspiration for our current students. 

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