Graduates Share Their Advice

If you could give yourself some advice a year ago, what would you tell yourself?

Our Year 12 students heard from some of the Class of 2021 this week. The girls came back to give some advice, share strategies for thriving in Year 12 and tell us what they are doing beyond school.

The session was initially planned as a live panel discussion with a Year 12 audience. However, with COVID restrictions around large groups being implemented this week, changes had to be made quickly.

Instead, the presenters gathered in the boardroom. The question and answer session was live-streamed to the Year 12 Homerooms around the school.

Academic Captain Dilara Wijesinghe said, “We really enjoyed hearing the advice from the girls, and hearing about their tips and advice for Year 12 that have been tried and proven. It was great hearing about what to expect in Year 12 and how to make the most of our last year of school!”

The girls from the Class of 2021 were more than happy to share their experiences, offering extra time to anyone who wanted to learn more.

They gave some great advice and also reminded the girls to enjoy the journey of Year 12, as they all have memories of that time that will stay with them forever.

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