Grandparents Come Back To School

Our Years 5 and 6 students excitedly welcomed their grandparents back to school last week to celebrate to share their work and show off their classrooms. The girls explained to their visitors what they have learnt, they shared some fun activities with the grandies and showed them what they have been doing on their laptops.

After the visits to the classrooms, students accompanied their grandparents to the McDonald Building to celebrate Mass with Monsignor Keating, which was a lovely celebration of our faith.Names are from L to R:
Eve Neilson (Year 5) and Mary O’Connor (Rigg, 1950)
Olivia Dowling( (Year 5) and Mia Gibson Powell (Braekt, 1966)
Maya Hatch (Year 5) and Jan Hatch (Coote, 1964)
Piper Lawton (Year 5) and Gabrielle Egan (Wildy, 1958)
Gabrielle Connoll (Year 6) and Heather Connell (Barnes, 1960)

The morning concluded with a delicious morning tea where everyone chatted, shared their experiences, caught up with old friends and made new ones. It was lovely to see some of our girls with grandmothers who has also attended Santa Maria College.

It was a delightful morning for all involved.

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