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Growth and Survival

Year 6 classes are studying biological sciences this term. The focus of the topic is the growth and survival of living things and how they are affected by the physical conditions of their environment.

Students are required to identify how the change in a plant’s conditions will affect the growth over a two-week period.

The girls have been split into four different groups looking at different conditions and how this affects the growth of their plant. The four groups; Soil, Sunshine, Water and Fertiliser, each have a control plant and a variable.

We interviewed the Soil group who are observing how a change of soil affects the plant growth. Their control is a plant growing in soil. The variable is a plant growing in sand. Every second day for two weeks the girls water their plants, measure the stem and leaves and make observations about the plant’s growth.

At the end, students will write up a report using the correct scientific method and graph their results on a double line graph.

Sofia Koleszko said, “The best part about this experiment is watering our plants and seeing how they are going and wondering what changes will have taken place since the last time we measured them.”

Bianca Stanes said, “I am really enjoying this experiment and it’s great also seeing how the plants are going in the other groups.”

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