Handing Over the Reins

The 2019 Student Leadership Committee has now been announced. Students were commissioned in their new roles last Thursday at a ceremony in front of their families and peers. Head Girl elect, Emma Robinson, talks about the handover process and looks towards 2019 below.

2019 will be the Year of Hospitality at Santa Maria. I believe Hospitality is a fitting Mercy value for the year, as it places emphasis on welcoming others, particularly those we don’t know and also creates a more loving community. A key focus for myself and the incoming Student Leadership Council will be ensuring each girl feels genuinely included and welcomed, as well as strengthening school spirit and familiarity amongst all Year groups.

The handover process from the 2018 graduating leaders to the 2019 incoming leaders was invaluable, with this year’s leaders sharing personal experience and advice to take on board heading into our new roles. We began with the Commissioning Ceremony, where during the Act of Commitment, we pledged: to use our leadership skills and talents to benefit others, to be a positive role model demonstrating genuine concern, care and thoughtfulness, to encourage a high level of participation in all College activities, to show initiative and encourage others to reach their full potential, and to encourage and build community spirit.

The Commissioning Ceremony was followed by a handover afternoon where we were given guidance and insight into the responsibilities and formalities of our roles. We then spent one on one time with the 2018 leader we are taking over from. A standout message for me was that we are not yet fully qualified or experts in our position, but that our leadership is a learning experience where we will learn the skills needed over time, in an authentic way, moulding the role to ourselves and not the other way around. Finally, the leadership training afternoon for all leaders across all years, provided the opportunity for the members of each of the portfolio committees to get to know one another and begin conversations about what next year could look like.

Next year, I look forward to working with each girl, both leaders and those who are not, to continue to create a school environment where we, as students, are motivated to get involved and try our best.

Emma Robinson, 2019 Head Girl Elect

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