Hannah Elsbury (2014): From Santa Maria to Global Brand Media Manager

Hannah Elsbury (Class of 2014) has embarked on an extraordinary journey since her high school days. With a thirst for knowledge and a passion for marketing and communications, Hannah’s path has taken her around the world, and today, she serves as a Brand Media Manager for a tech unicorn, Employment Hero. Let’s delve into her remarkable journey and the role that defines her present career.

Post-Santa Maria Pursuits

After graduating from Santa Maria, Hannah enrolled at the University of Western Australia. There, she pursued a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing and Communications. Her thirst for knowledge and global perspectives led her on an incredible adventure. She first ventured to Singapore, immersing herself in the world of live television production and scriptwriting. Then, she headed to London to gain expertise in marketing strategies tailored to global businesses.

Hannah’s commitment to learning didn’t stop there. Following her undergraduate studies, she dedicated a year to researching psychological contract theory and conducting interviews with business leaders across Australia. This research formed the foundation of her Honours Thesis in Marketing and Management, showcasing her dedication to scholarly pursuits.

Navigating the Career World

Hannah’s journey into the professional world began with two enticing job offers: one in marketing research in Perth and the other in the media industry in Sydney. Faced with a pivotal decision, she chose to embrace the challenge and embarked on her career in Sydney’s bustling media landscape.

It was in the media industry that Hannah truly found her calling. She was drawn to the rapid pace of change and the intricate interplay between consumer behaviour and investment decisions. Over the years, she has worked with a range of prestigious clients, including Facebook, Spotify, Foxtel, Volvo, Dyson, and Tourism New Zealand.

Her career trajectory continued to evolve, leading her into a strategic partnerships position at realestate.com. Most recently, she transitioned into a client-side role as a Brand Media Manager at Employment Hero. This fully remote role allowed her to return to her roots in Perth allowing her to spend quality time with her family, including her grandparents.

The Role of a Brand Media Manager

As a Brand Media Manager, Hannah’s responsibilities are multifaceted. She oversees the development and execution of media strategies on a global scale. This involves creating and managing advertising campaigns, optimising media budgets, and ensuring consistent and effective brand representation across various channels. Hannah works closely with cross-functional teams to drive brand awareness, engagement, and, ultimately, business growth.

A Day in the Life

A typical workday for Hannah entails a mix of strategic planning, data analysis, and collaboration. She begins by assessing campaign performance metrics and market trends to inform her decisions. Meetings with her team are essential for project updates, priority setting, and problem-solving. A substantial part of her day is devoted to liaising with external partners, agencies, and vendors to ensure the brand’s message reaches the right audience. Hannah also sets aside time for brainstorming sessions and creative discussions to keep media strategies fresh and innovative.

Hannah recently spoke to students as part of our Sisterhood Lunch series

Passion and Challenges

What Hannah loves most about her job is its dynamic nature. Each day brings fresh challenges and opportunities, which she relishes. Being part of a global team enables her to gain insights from diverse perspectives. Witnessing the impact of media campaigns on brand success is deeply rewarding.

However, she acknowledges that staying ahead of the swiftly changing media landscape is a perpetual challenge. Adapting strategies to evolving technology and consumer behaviour is an ongoing endeavour. Striking a balance between data-driven decision-making and the creative aspects of branding is another challenge she embraces with enthusiasm.

Memories from Santa Maria

Reflecting on her time at Santa Maria, Hannah’s favourite memory is the Year 10 trip to Canberra. Exploring a new city rich in history and learning to ski with friends made for unforgettable experiences. She humorously recalls a mishap during the trip when she tried to warm her socks in a microwave, offering a valuable lesson about microwave usage.

Influential Figures

One person who profoundly impacted Hannah during her time at Santa Maria was her Politics & Law teacher, Mr King. His passion for the subject and mentorship played a pivotal role in shaping her values and work ethic. Mr King instilled in her a love for politics that she continues to nurture outside of her career.

Key Career Lessons

Hannah has learned the importance of building strong relationships through her professional journey. Both personal and professional connections are foundational to her success and fulfilment. She emphasises that nurturing trust-based relationships with colleagues, clients, and mentors facilitates effective collaboration and fosters a positive work environment where innovation thrives. Maintaining personal relationships outside of work also provides balance and emotional support, enhancing overall wellbeing. These lessons have taught her that success is not solely about individual achievements but also about the meaningful connections forged along the way.

Downtime Pursuits

Hannah is currently training for a marathon, a pursuit that occupies a significant portion of her time. Her love for travel has taken her to nearly 40 countries, facilitated by her remote job, allowing her to work in diverse cities around the world.

Inspirations and Role Models

Hannah draws her deepest inspiration from her grandmother, a woman distinguished by her remarkable wisdom and impressive achievements. Their shared birthday and mutual passion for literature create a unique bond. Hannah’s Nanna’s resolute choice to return to university in her 50s and not only excel but truly shine in her academic pursuits serves as a powerful testament to her unwavering determination. Hannah is profoundly moved by her Nanna’s steadfast devotion to family, nurturing friendships, and active involvement in the community. She considers herself fortunate to have her Nanna as both a trusted confidant and a next-door neighbour.

Hannah’s journey from Santa Maria to Brand Media Manager is a testament to her dedication, adaptability, and passion for learning. Her career is a reflection of her resilience in the face of challenges and her commitment to building meaningful relationships both personally and professionally. As she continues to thrive in the dynamic world of media, Hannah’s story inspires us all.

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