Happy Pi Day π

Today is Pi Day, so who better to speak to about the day than Rachael Grieves, Head of Mathematics.

What is Pi Day?
Pi Day is celebrated on 14 March as this relates to the American date of 3.14. Pi (π ) is the Greek symbol used in mathematics to represent the constant number derived from the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

Why do we celebrate it here at the College?
Pi Day is an excellent opportunity for us to celebrate all things mathematics. Numeracy is a big part of everyday life and who could pass up a chance to do some puzzles and solve some problems?

What can the students expect on Pi Day?
Our Maths staff love to come in their favourite Pi Day t-shirts and the Year 9 students will be engaging in some challenging problem-solving activities led by our capable Year 11 and 12 students.

Rachael added “Mathematics is not just formulas and equations. Mathematical thinking and appreciation can be found in puzzles like sudoku, board games such as monopoly and chess and many different card games. It is the ability to look at a sunflower or a honeycomb and appreciate the patterns all around us in nature.”

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