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Harriet Passionate about the Blue Tree Project

If you’ve been driving in the country lately, you may have seen dead trees by the side of the road or in a paddock painted blue, giving them a ‘blue’ lease on life.

These trees have been painted blue to raise awareness of suicide prevention after, Jayden Whyte from Muckinbudin committed suicide in November last year. Four years prior, Jayden had painted a dead tree blue on his parent’s farm, to give his dad a laugh.

The project has taken off with blue trees springing up all over the country sparking conversations around mental health and suicide prevention.

Year 11 boarder Harriet Comerford-Smith, also from Muckinbudin, is passionate about this project and wants to raise awareness among our College community.

In the interview above we asked Harriet how the project started and why it’s so important her.

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