Harriet’s Vision for 2020

Taking on the role of Head Boarder might seem daunting to some, but 2020 Head Boarder, Harriet Comerford-Smith, is taking it all in her stride.

When asked about her vision for boarding in 2020, Harriet said, “In some ways, boarding can be quite separate – girls living in different Houses, being in different Houses within school and in different Year groups. One of the things I want to see in 2020 is for boarders to be more connected as, after all, we are one community.”

“As a leadership group, we’d like to introduce activities such as the old Cubs Cup” but instead of House against House, we’d like to see boarders mixed up in different groups, not related to the House they live in or their Year group. We’d also like to see boarding activities introduced which include both the boarders and their families coming together.”

To the question, what sort of leader are you? Harriet said, “I like to think I lead from the middle. I believe it’s important to set an example, but also to learn from my peers, to listen to their opinions and to learn from their example. I am so lucky to belong to the amazing leadership team here in boarding.”

Harriet offered some advice and tips for new Year 7 boarders coming into boarding next year. “Boarding can be daunting and scary, but for me, it’s been the best experience of my life; a once in a lifetime experience. There will be times when you will want to be alone, but keep busy, get involved and make the most of having a House full of sisters around you. They’ll support you and help make the experience special.”

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