Have Sum Fun for Years 7 & 8 Students

Last Friday night, it was our Years 7 and 8s turn to participate in the Have Sum Fun Math’s Competition. The girls were competitive and enjoyed the night at Trinity College. The students involved were Sasha Finlay-Collins (Year 8), Grace Westerhout (Year 7), Annalise Herrmann (Year 7), Anika Zammit (Year 7), Fran Neicun (Year 8), Zima-Jade Henderson (Year 8), Vanessa Knyn (Year 8)

Year 7 student Grace Westerhout said “The best part of the competition, for me, was all of the people there. I got to see some of my friends at other schools that were also competing, and I had an awesome time with the girls on my table. I really got to know them all very well.”

“The thing about Have Sum Fun is that it pushes your boundaries and faces you with problems you have never seen the likes of before, and with this, I was personally challenged. With teamwork, however, we were able to tackle these new problems together and complete them to the best of our ability,” said Year 8 student Sascha Finlay-Collins.

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