Heart-to-Heart Teaching

Since the beginning of the Technology Age there has been discussion as to when classroom teachers will be made redundant. Covid-19 has added to this discussion. We’ve proven we have the technology to work at a distance from one another. Why do we need teachers to work face-to-face with students?

I think the term ‘face-to-face’ explains it all. It speaks of connection; of seeing in each other something special. It also recognises the need for children to be seen and heard. Relationships with adults at school help children form their voice and their place in the world.

Teaching is about relationships. It is about making children feel safe enough to channel all their energies into learning without fear of shame for mistakes or misunderstandings.

Good teachers nurture in children a hunger for learning and develop with them the skills they need to access the knowledge and understandings they need. It is conversations about big ideas and ‘what if’s. And it is about knowing children well enough to steer them towards new interests and passions.

Teaching is also about preparing kids with those immeasurable skills like growing relationships, communication, creativity, problem-solving, and then linking that learning to life.

Until a computer can do all that and more….we will have teachers who work face to face with children. Our Deputy Principal, Teaching and Learning, Simone Sawiris suggests we should perhaps call it heart-to-heart teaching.

We are very pleased to have our girls back and it seems they’re happy too:

I think face-to-face learning is a much better way to learn. I find it much easier to ask questions, understand and engage in class discussion during face-to-face learning. It is great to have the teacher to help you and other students to interact with. Online schooling had its disadvantages as it is hard to communicate and sometimes confusing. Face-to-face learning is a much better way to learn for all students, I am happy to be back with friends and teachers and get back into the face-to-face learning routine! Annika Conte, Year 7 Dillon

“After being away from teachers and school for an extended period of time, I have learnt the importance of having teachers support and guidance in a face to face environment.” Sophie Fowler, Year 10

“Over our time of remote learning from home I realised how much I value our teachers and what they do for us –for their support and care for students and the knowledge and skills they share when teaching us. Coming back to school, we all have a new found respect for our teachers and value our time with them more than ever. During the first week of this term we had a Year 10 whole year group TEAMs meeting for PCT.  We were all surprised when 158 girls joined the meeting excited to see each other, it shows just how much we really missed face to face communication with our Santa Maria Community.” Mia Fogden, Year 10

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