High Standard Set In Photography Competition

Photography is such a great way to document the wonderful moments in our lives and allows us to look back and re-live those memories in the future. This is something that really came through with the entries for this year’s Photography Competition run as part of Technology & Commerce Day.

Jessica Ieritano, Technology & Commerce Teacher said, “It was lovely to see so many photographs featuring beautiful landscapes and portraits from past family holidays and travels.” 

The Photography Competition was open to all students at the College in Years 5 to 12. Rather than limiting the competition to students who are part of the Media Crew co-curricular group it was a great chance for other students to have an opportunity to showcase their photography skills. As a result, there was a record number of submissions, with over 80 entries this year, which was fantastic to see!

The categories for this year are as follows:

Portrait: An image where the focus must be of a living subject, close enough to discern expression.

Landscape: An image that showcases the built or natural environment around us, with a visible horizon in the background.

Black and White: An image of any subject, with a black & white filter applied. Students are encouraged to think carefully about what subject(s) would suit a black and white styled image.

Below are this year’s winners and runners up in each category (Click on each image to see full size).

Black and White

Abigail Marra- Girl in jumper

Runner Up
Livia Yukich- Building


Ashleigh Farrell – Heron

Runner Up
Naomi Karczub – Bench at lake


Beth Creasy – Eyes

Runner Up
Jacinta Van der Zanden – Girl

The winner and runner up for each category was selected by our Principal, Jennifer Oaten. Each winner and runner up received the following:

Category Winner: $50.00 Teen gift card which covers many brands in clothing, food, gaming and technology.

Category Runner Up: $25.00 JB-Hi-Fi gift card.

“The standard of the submissions was extremely high, and I look forward to seeing what our students produce for next year’s competition.” Jessica added.

Congratulations to the following winners and runners up.

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