Highlights from France

The chance to immerse yourself in the language and culture of the country you study, was an opportunity some of our French students enjoyed over the summer break. Eleven girls spent their time in France soaking up everything French, with their host families.

The girls share their highlights with us below.  

The highlight of my trip was going with my host sister to her friend’s birthday. I got to know my classmates better and they really encouraged me to join in with them in the activities they were doing. I especially got close to one girl, Doryanne, because we spent most of the time at the party hanging out together and afterwards we would sit together during Spanish class. Imogen Jones, Year 11

One of my favourite parts about going on exchange was experiencing a different culture. Everything about being in France was an eye-opener; from the food, to the school routine and even their holiday traditions. The biggest highlight for me would definitely be skiing down a mountain on New Year’s Eve, to arrive at the bottom just in time for the fireworks. Hannah Lea, Year 12

Ava Murphy and her host family on a skiing holiday to Austria

Over the Christmas holidays I spent eight weeks in France with a French host family. I was extremely lucky to have such a welcoming and caring family that took me to different places and did a range of activities with me, which included a skiing trip to Austria! It was the first time I saw snow and I loved it! I had so much fun learning to ski, sledding and hiking through the snow forests. I will forever treasure my exchange experience.  Ava Murphy, Year 12

The biggest highlight from my exchange was a trip to Spain with my host family for New Year’s. We stayed at a holiday house and spent a day in a coastal town called Peñíscola, where we explored the town and visited a castle built in the 13th century. Kate Ciraolo, Year 12

I went to France for six weeks and while it definitely developed my French skills, a key highlight was being able to experience France in a way not normally seen by tourists. For example, being able to experience another way of celebrating Christmas was incredibly enriching.  Kate Milne, Year 12

The highlight from my French exchange was when my host family and I went to Switzerland for the day to ski, the snow was amazing, and my host dad taught me some great skills to improve my skiing. I was mesmerised by the views as we went to the highest peak in Europe and skied down all the way to the bottom, which took us ages, but it was very rewarding when we reached the bottom.  Georgina Speers, Year 12

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