Highlights from Italy

A ‘life-changing’ experience sums up what the following three students experienced on exchange to Italy during the summer break. They were challenged in many ways, but also enriched and appreciative of what they found. Below, they share their highlights.

Hannah Gunning with her host family at Christmas

There was not one specific highlight of my trip, but rather the relationships I formed, and the little things, that made my exchange so memorable and left a lasting impact on me.  I have made lifelong friends and memories that I will treasure forever. Hannah Gunning, Year 12

Chelsea Williamson on exchange in Bolzano

My experience on exchange was nothing short of extraordinary. To my surprise, I was paired with a beautiful, German family in the far north of Italy in a small town called Bolzano, near the famous Dolomites. I found this place very interesting, a clash of history; Italian and German. Everyone there spoke so many languages, however, they were all very supportive of my limited Italian skills, which got much better over the course of the two months.

My favourite part of the entire experience was definitely the first time I saw snow. It was absolutely breathtaking! My family took me skiing almost every day for ‘la Settimana Bianca’ or ‘the White Week’. I miss them dearly and the incredible place they call home. Especially the mountains! Chelsea Williamson, Year 12

Sarah Durston on exchange in Italy

One of the highlights of my exchange to Italy was my host family. I was very lucky to have a lovely family that was very kind, welcoming and helpful. I got along particularly well with my host sister Anna; because we have a very similar personality it was easy for us to get along. I also got to experience Christmas and New Year with my host family, which was great.

Another highlight was all the new people I met. At school, I made friends with all of my classmates, but I also made friends with all of my host sister’s friends from her class. I was also lucky to meet other exchange students from all over the world; from Costa Rica to Thailand and even Greenland. Apart from family and friends, I also enjoyed the smaller, more everyday events that made this experience so special. For example, I enjoyed going on little trips to different cities, going to the cinema to watch Frozen 2, and simply learning more about Italian culture. Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of doing it. Sarah Durston, Year 11

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