Holly Cuts Her Hair for Children With Cancer

Having seen many people with cancer and knowing how hard that is, Year 12 boarder, Holly Bradford, decided she wanted to do something to help make someone’s battle a little easier.

Two years ago, Holly decided she was going to grow her hair so that when she cut it, she could donate her hair to an organisation that could make wigs from it.

“I chose to cut my hair for a wig because it was getting extremely long and I didn’t want to cut it for no reason. I knew that there was a young cancer patient somewhere dreaming of having real hair, so I knew that it was a perfect idea. I have seen so many people who have had cancer and it isn’t the best time of their lives, so I thought I would make someone happy.”

“Two years ago I decided to cut my hair for a wig, and I have been growing my hair ever since. I didn’t enjoy growing it and having long hair because it was always getting in my way, but I did it for a good reason.”

“The organisation I donated my hair to was Sustainable Salons. I chose this company because they don’t only donate the ponytails, they recycle their salons waste such as paper and plastic. They are an organisation who try to make the environment a healthier place and put smiles on many faces. The moment I saw their website explaining what they did, I knew it was the place I wanted my hair to go to as they take good care of everyone and everything.”

Holly donated 35 cm of hair and fellow boarder Tayah also cut her hair and donated 20cm.

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