Homelessness – We Care

Jane Armstrong (Class of 1993) and her partner Sim run a non-profit group called Homelessness We Care – WA. Every Tuesday night you can find them on Wellington Street feeding the homeless and providing many necessary services.  Jane and Sim have been actively running the group for approximately two years.

Their family and band of supporters source food items, cook and serve approximately 120 men, women and children.

Some weeks they are well supported with supplies and volunteers, other weeks it can be tough.

Jane also provides the homeless with hygiene products, clothing, and coordinates professionals to volunteer their services ie: podiatrist, dentist, physiotherapist, veterinarian.

This week Year 10 students from Santa Maria College were actively involved in preparing this Tuesday night’s meal, under the guidance of staff members Rosa Speranza, Jacqui Daniels and support crew.

The girls made pasta bolognaise, with garlic bread and salads. Everyone was enthusiastic and respectful of those they were serving,

If you are interested in donating, or volunteering time to Homelessness We Care, please contact Jane through her Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/homelessness.we.care.perth/ Student Reflection

This week, I was involved in a service opportunity where we able to cook and serve food to homeless people in our city. Being able to see the smile on these people’s faces when we handed them food and care packages was amazing, you could tell they were really thankful. I had a conversation with a lady, who told me she was very thankful for the food we had made for her. This service was a good reality check, helping us bring perspective to the issue of homeless.

Jamie-Lee West, Year 10 Kelly

On Tuesday 9 May, a group of Year 10 girls along with Mrs Chaffer, Mrs Speranza and Mrs Daniels cooked and served food in the CBD as part of the organisation ‘Homelessness; We Care’, run by ex-student, Jane and her partner, Sim. The experience was one we will never forget, being incredibly eye-opening and humbling to see the amount of work there is still to do in our community. The people we encountered were incredibly grateful and open, and we are so thankful to have had this opportunity to participate.

Gabby Hardwich (Year 10, Dillon)

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