House Spirit takes to the Pool – Jennifer Oaten

A parent commented to me, after the Interhouse Swimming Carnival, that every girl who finished a race was smiling and happy, regardless of their position or the event they swam in.

Throughout the day, swimmers were supported by teammates and friends. Swimmers congratulated each other. Every race, both in the main pool and the novelty pool, had representatives from all Houses. Girls showed great House spirit, filling in as needed regardless of ability and moving up a division if required.

Our Year 7s started the day with nerves but showed great courage. By the end of the carnival, they demonstrated, in true Santa Maria spirit, that they can do anything they set their mind to.

House Spirit was built by:

  • the great cheering, celebration, and acknowledgment of our talented swimmers.
  • the excellent leadership of our 16 House Captains whose encouragement of fellow House members and their ability to ensure there were no empty lanes was terrific.
  • nearly all students participated in at least one race, whether novelty or competitive, each contributing ‘their bit’ for their House.
  • the opportunities for interaction between the different year groups in each House.
  • valuing the diverse talents of all.
  • sharing laughter and smiles, achievements and disappointments.

A sense of belonging and contributing as a valuable member of a team is an important part of positive wellbeing, and I am sure many felt this on the day.

Here are some quotes from our girls.

“The Interhouse Swimming Carnival is a great way to start the year, as we get to engage in a fun-filled day of sprint races and novelties. The House spirit in the pool arena is spectacular, as all girls dress up in their House colours and cheer for their teammates. As a Year 12, I know that other Year 12 students and I will really miss these fun Interhouse events.”

Meg Hebiton, Sports Captain

“I really enjoy swimming at school carnivals because I love the team aspect. Swimming and knowing that your whole House is behind you and cheering you on is very cool. I am looking forward to the IGSSA carnival.”

Megan Cranley, Year 12 Champion Girl

“I have always enjoyed swimming as it is both an individual and team sport. Being part of the Santa Maria swim team encourages me to keep pushing myself as everyone comes together and cheers one another on.”

Helena Kang, Year 12 Runner Up Champion Girl and Year 12 Frayne Captain

I am very proud of all our swimmers and supporters and what a wonderful sense of community and House spirit we shared.

I would like to make mention of a situation I am equally proud of.  A staff member was leaving the carnival, and an elderly gentleman stopped her to say how impressed he was with the politeness of the Santa Maria girls he had just encountered. He was negotiating a set of stairs and the girls around him all moved aside so he could slowly make his way down. He was most appreciative and asked me to pass on his thanks and praise.

Thank you girls, for showing great compassion. 

For the Swimming results please see this blog. 

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