Cross Country: I Was So Nervous!

Last week’s Interhouse Cross Country Carnival was the last for the Class of 2019, but the first for the Class of 2025.

We asked some of the girls from both cohorts, about the day.

Here is what our Year 12s had to say:

Since Year 5, cross country has been my favourite carnival. A goal set before the race starts, the determination and endurance to run the course, the last 1km in which you can see beautiful views of the river and the final stretch before the finish line. The final sprint where friends and family cheer you on. The amazing feeling of crossing the finishing line and feeling like you have achieved something. Now being in Year 12, with a different finish line ahead of me, I’m proud of how I did in my final cross country. Although I’m sure many of us are glad that we don’t have to run it again, I will always remember cross country as a great achievement in my final year. Hayley Roche

Although cross country isn’t necessarily our favourite sporting event in the school calendar, we loved the positive and enthusiastic attitude expressed throughout the morning. As it was our last cross country carnival it was amazing to see how the Year 12s came together and supported the other Year groups. A special shout out to those girls who ran extra distances in order to encourage and inspire the younger girls.  Stephanie Tory & Tasha Brown

Our Year 5s had this to say:

I felt excited to be running my first cross country at Santa Maria. I wasn’t nervous and I thought the carnival was fun! Georgia Serpentzis

I was so nervous at the beginning but when I started running, I felt great and when I finished, I felt so relieved and proud of myself. I loved how everyone was cheering for their Houses. Angelica Stokes

I liked it when I was almost finished, and Mr Thomas from Kelly was cheering me on, and he was saying funny things and banging on the drum. Oliva Lajszczak

 I didn’t get a good place, but I tried and did my best effort which is what matters. Monique Gauci

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