IGNITE Students Explore Their Creative Side

Have you heard of the beautiful city of Zele, or maybe Os Coinne?

This term, Year 7 IGNITE students have been exploring their creative side and designing their own Fantasy fiction, which involved learning about cartography and also the sequence required to develop a series of characters. The girls also created a political structure, currency and described the social structure of their worlds. As part of this project, the girls also assessed each other’s work and provided feedback.

One of the aims of our IGNITE Program is to provide the girls with a holistic program that allows the girls to learn in different ways, ensuring they reach their potential. As educators we are aware that creativity is a skill that can be taught, even if we all have varied creative talents. Creative thinking is one of the essential elements of deep learning which is why this task was integrated into the IGNITE program. Creativity also teaches the girls to not be afraid to fail, which is an essential skill for our girls to develop.

Embracing Tradition: Praying the Rosary

One of the cherished traditions that we hold dear is our weekly gathering in the chapel to recite the Rosary. The Rosary isn’t just a routine prayer; it’s a sacred tradition that brings us together in faith and love.

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