IGSSA Swimming Carnival 2022

For the first time in years, the IGSSA swimming carnival was held as a day event. Whilst COVID-19 has thrown us many challenges, it had also reminded us that we are adaptable and creative.

Our swimmers saw the positives of fewer early morning training sessions and were excited by the challenge. Many of these girls started training for this event in October of 2021. 

Our coaches and Physical Education staff are always impressed to see these bright and bubbly beings at 6.30 am, ready to follow the black line repeatedly to improve their performances! 

This year, our team was guided by a coaching staff of past students who are not only expert swimmers, but certainly teach our squads much about team spirit.

A massive thank you to Claudia Rich, Sophie Rich, Jessica Craig, and Bianca Petite for their inspirational leadership.

This amazing coaching team was led by Jarrett Kang, whose sister was also an old girl. Jarrett has shown amazing patience and enthusiasm for our team and was extremely impressed by the performance of our team.

This year, our IGSSA carnival was run in two halves to ensure everyone got to swim. Our senior students started the morning, with some incredible performances.

A special shout out must go to our Year 10 Medley Relay team, who are the new IGSSA record holders for this event!

Ava Forrest, Ava Donovan, Bianca Monaco and Alyssa Monaco all had an incredible day in their individual events, who then made magic happen together in this Medley. It was incredible to watch and a memory we hope they are truly proud of.

Celebrating the Year 10 Medley Win

The second session started in impeccable fashion, with Helen Smith (Year 9) executing a perfect race plan to finish first in the 100m freestyle.

Our Year 7s did the College proud in their first-ever IGSSA event and managed to shake off the nerves to showcase their talents and receive some wonderful results. Our Year 8 team was consistently strong across all strokes and tackled every event with great focus.

The Year 12 leaders provided so much support to our squad, not only on the day but throughout the season. We know this talented bunch of young ladies will go far with their swimming. 

Santa Maria finished 4th overall, an achievement we are very proud of.

The breakdown of placings for each individual year group is as follows:

Year 7: 4th
Year 8: 3rd
Year 9: 8th
Year 10: 4th
Year 11: 3rd
Year 12: 4th

Again, congratulations to our girls on their outstanding performances and thank you to all staff and coaches who worked tirelessly to achieve the results we did. 

Here is to next year’s IGSSA Swimming Carnival! 

IGSSA Cross Country

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