IGSSA welcomes Australian Rules Football to its Sporting Competition

With over 1.64 million people playing Australia Rules Football each year and 530,166 of them being female, it is no wonder there was a need for the introduction of Australian Rules Football to our IGSSA competition.

In its inaugural IGGSA season in 2019, all schools have had A & B divisions in both the Years 7 and 8 and the Years 9 and 10 competitions. There has been much hype surrounding the introduction of the sport, with the Western Australian Football Commission being involved with training clinics and assisting in the running of game day.

While Santa Maria has previously entered in WAFC run competitions in the past two years, it is exciting that now our girls can play against the other IGSSA Schools, just like they can in other sports throughout the year.

I asked some the Years 7 and 8 players a few questions about their experiences with football this Year: 

Why have you chosen to play football for Santa Maria?

“I chose to play AFL at school, as I play footy outside and I would like to develop my footy skills, while playing with my friends, in a happy environment”

“I thought it would be fun to give it a go, and to test out footy as a sport, maybe for later if I get the chance to play for club or somewhere else”

What is it you love about football?

“I love how we get to tackle because it’s really fun and we are able to learn and improve skills that can help us become better players”

“I love footy because it’s a team sport and I love working with my mates to kick goals and have a great time. I love tackling people and running and bouncing the ball”

“I love the competitiveness and the game itself. It is a fun game to play, as it relieves my stress and helps me to have a good mindset.”

If you were to describe playing football in one or two words what would you say?

“Enjoyable and thrilling”
“Hard work!”

What lifelong skills do you think you can learn from football to put into your everyday life?

“To learn how to work as a team and get along with one another. I also feel I have learnt how to show good sportsmanship and encourage others while also putting my best effort in”

“To be tough and resilient in everyday struggles”

“You learn that you shouldn’t give up and that you should follow up with what you’re doing. Also that you need to work as a team to achieve the best”

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